Feel like you're drowning in motherhood?

Get your energy back. Learn how to protect your resources, increase your confidence, and revive on-the-go.

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Exhausted Mom Revive

We all know that mothers of young kids – mothers like you – need emotional self-care. I'll teach you the ways you can support and nourish yourself on-the-go.

But self-care is not enough...

Mothers are overwhelmed, angry, and exhausted not just because young kids make us feel that way...

Shake off the conditioning and break free from 'motherhood' that doesn't serve you, or your kids.

In this monthly training, I will show you what is sneakily draining you down so you can preserve and increase your emotional energy and make your life way easier. Don't waste any more magical and critical months worrying and hustling. Be your amazing-self again – the best gift for your baby's forever.

Just try it! 

I was very skeptical of the whole embodiment thing, but it turned out to be my go-to whenever I feel like I'm losing ground again. Ela has a steady and calming presence, so rare and supportive.

- Marie G. (pregnant with her second)

We ARE holding the future in our hands, dah!

There is so much to learn here, and the best part - it's all very practical, so you can start testing right away. I'm blown away by this new curriculum. Chapeau bas.

- Regina (toddler mom)

Have we met?

I'm Ela Compton, mom & founder of Parents Pause, creator of the Exhausted Mom Revive System.

I help moms of young kids preserve and boost their energy – even if they have zero time for self-care. I help them be the nurturing, stable parent during their child’s most magical and critical developmental years. 

This always starts with a bigger shift...

Through my work with hundreds of moms, I’ve witnessed over and over how our on-the-go curriculum makes it possible for mothers to protect their resources, trust themselves, and prioritize their emotional wellbeing. With the right tools a mother's confidence, power and emotional clarity lift up everyone around – especially the baby. Let's do this!

Ela Compton - Parents Pause

I don't feel lonely in my struggles now 

Classes provided me with a lot of mental support, positive emotions, cleansing of fears. They also brought the realization that I'm not the only one that struggles daily - I'm feeling less isolated knowing many of moms are facing similar problems. Now I'm more ready for what is yet to come.

- Sophia (pregnant with her first)

I use almost all exercises in my everyday life!

Best interactive classes on how to deal with the emotional challenges of early motherhood! In addition to substantive support, we received practical methods to manage our various difficult emotions related to the new role of mother. So far, I use almost all exercises in my everyday life, and I even teach the tools to my 8-year-old daughter (like what to do when she is anxious). Thanks to our meetings, it became natural for me to care for myself. I recommended it to all of my mom-friends.

Asia (pregnant mom of 3)